THE PAPERBOY: REVIEW – The Paperboy is accidentally entertaining in way a car crash is entertaining for those not in it. The film is a pile of over the top, over acted, over directed, over exposed, badly written, multicolored shit, which manages to be both predictable – plot wise – and dumbly surprising – in a WTF way.

Lee Daniels – revealing himself to be something of a sadist – seems intent on punishing his cast as if this was Movie 43 all over again. Matthew Mcconaughey lawyers up to defend white trash slime ball – John Cusack playing a toned down version of himself – who in turn has somehow managed to win the duct taped heart of Nicole Kidman’s Southern slattern. Never have I seen an actress obviously hankering for a new direction head off in the wrong one with such a flourish. All is seen through the eyes of  Zach Efron who gets pissed on – the takeaway moment of the film – by Nicole Kidman, who in turn is pissed on, along with the rest of the cast, by Lee Daniels. And he’s been eating asparagus.

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