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LONDON – Ridley Scott has confirmed that a sequel to his latest blockbuster The Martian is already in the works.

Scott, who is currently preparing to shoot Alien: Paradise Lost, revealed in an interview what inspired him to return to Mars:

I was flicking through the channels in my hotel room one night and I caught Fortress 2 starring Christopher Lambert. For those who haven’t seen the original, Lambert escaped a futuristic prison and in the sequel, he is put in another futuristic prison. Suddenly the idea came to me. What if Matt Damon went back to Mars and got left for dead again? It seemed preposterous and I dismissed the idea but it kept gnawing away at me.

Scott said he emailed the author of The Martian, Andy Weir and they tossed around some ideas:

Andy suggested we move the action to Venus and call the sequel The Venetian but I said the audience might think Matt’s character was stranded in Venice. Eventually we both decided that a return trip to Mars was the only sensible option but we needed something new so we wouldn’t be rehashing the first movie. A few days later, Andy emailed me and said he had the answer.

In the script, Matt Watney (Damon) reluctantly returns to Mars with a team of engineers and scientists who are attempting to set up the first colony. During excavations the team uncovers an artificial structure containing a monolithic statue. Things go wrong and Watney is once again stranded alone on the red planet. Or is he?

“I know what people will think,” said Scott.

They’ll think this is the same plot as Prometheus but it’s not. For starters it’s set on Mars and I can state for the record that there will be no Xenomorphs. That would be ridiculous and I’d never cheapen the original by throwing in a random alien creature to please the fanboys. However, what I can say is that this time Watney might have a little more to deal with than a few frozen potatoes.

The Martian 2: Predator is due for release in 2018

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