HOLLYWOOD– The Innocence of Muslims, a film that has caused controversy throughout the world and rioting and death in the Arab world, will not be nominated for an Oscar, it was revealed today.

Bill Strypes Oscar, the man in charge of the Oscars and who the Oscar was originally named after, said that he has seen the film and decided that given the political situation and the ‘fucking awful green screen’ and the fact that the film doesn’t actually exist as such, it would not be eligible for nomination.

Iran, however, have already decided to withdraw their own participation in the ceremony, which is a terrible shame after the brilliance of their recent cinema, such as The Separation and Persepolis. Bill Strypes Oscar waved of the Iranian gesture, saying that the official selection was going to fall on an Iranian remake of We Bought a Zoo and it is no Separation.

The Innocence of Muslims will be released in 2015

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