NEW ZEALAND – When it is complete Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit quadrology will join the prestigious Whitaker list of films that are longer to watch than the book they come from is to read.

Peter (Lidl) Whitaker began compiling the list one Sunday afternoon, because ‘it was raining and there was nothing on television.’ He reads the source book in one sitting and times it.

‘I’m a fairly quick reader,’ says Whitaker, who lives in New Jersey with his elderly parents. ‘I can do about fifty pages in an hour.’
Once the reading time is established, Whitaker compares it to the running time of the adaptation. If it is shorter then the film is added to the list. Without some severe editing and maybe dropping a film or two, The Hobbit looks likely to join the company of Death in Venice, Apocalypse Now and The Passion of the Christ. Pete Jackson has reacted to the news with characteristic fury.

 ‘The Whitaker List?’ he said, leaving a restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand. ‘I’ve never heard of it.’    

The Frighteners 2 is due for release in 2016
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