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HOLLYWOOD – One thing everyone missed in their forensic study of the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens – including in our 5 FACTS post – was the inclusion of a hitherto mystery cast member: Prince!

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or Prince to his friends, was revealed only if you froze the frame as the clue was imperceptible to the naked eye. Fortunately, Studio Exec reader @perspectivator was willing to go the extra mile:

Dear Studio Exec,

I’ve always admired your fine comic genius and your commitment to FACT. And so when I discovered this secret clue inside the trailer, I had no doubt who I should send it to. Publish this so that we can all see the hidden darkness of the Sith Lord Formerly Known as Symbol, formerly Known as Prince.

The little purple one has obviously been elongated by Peter Jackson like technology to fit the role of a forbidding villain more convincingly. And to increase his villainy there are also a pair of saber-horns!

For more on the Star Wars Universe CLICK HERE.


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