Friday 30 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – All-female action flick The ExpendaBelles rolls into production next year and despite rumours of Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz and Mila Jovich circling a role, The Studio Exec has received an anonymous memo which seems to confirm exactly who Millennium Pictures want on board:

Memo: ExpendaBelles Potential Cast List

Character: Molly ‘The Mule’ Malone
Star: Angela: Lansbury/Martin Landau in a dress

Character: Ally ‘The Cat’ Kowolski
Star: Betty White/Eli Wallach in a dress

Character: Jenny ‘The Jet’ Jakowitz
Speciality: Pilot
Star: Julie Andrews/ Dick Van Dyke in a dress

Character: Ruby ‘The Rake’ Ronson
Speciality: Seduction
Star: Ellen Burstyn/George Hamilton in a dress

Character: Bobby ‘The Breaker’ Barone
Speciality: Demolition
Star: Vanessa Redgrave/ Sydney Poitier in a dress

Character: Nicky ‘The Knife’ Nelson
Speciality: Close Combat
Star: Cher/ Cher in a dress

Character: Tammy’The Trickster’Tyrell
Speciality: Subterfuge
Star: Wesley Snipes in a dress


Character: The Iron Lady
Speciality: Arms
Star: Goldie Hawn

Character: Sally ‘The Snake’ Sullivan
Speciality: Swords
Star: Sally Field /Burt Reynolds in a dress
Character: Betty ‘The Botox’ Bickle
Speciality: Disguises
Star: Nicole Kidman

Character: The Gimp
Speciality: Sex Slave
Star: George Clooney

Character: The Kid
Speciality: Sex slave in Training
Star: Ryan Gosling
Special Guest Appearance

Character: Irish
Speciality: Explosives
Star: Jack Nicholson in a dress
The ExpendaBelles is due for release in 2015.
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