HOLLYWOOD – Finally, it’s here. The Exec’s 2020 Top 10 Films has arrived.

The Exec’s 2020 Top 10 Films has been compiled after a huge amount of arguing and bloodshed in the socially distanced bungalow of The Studio Exec.

10: Siberia – Willem Dafoe fucks, mumbles and shouts his way through Abel Ferrara’s mind bending movie masturbation.

9: Tenet – What? Tenet! Eh? TENET! Nope. Couldn’t hear or understand a fucking thing about it.

8: I’m Thinking of Ending Things – But Kaufman doesn’t end it. It just goes on and on and on, getting ever more impressed with itself. The film proves once and for all that Jesse Plemons is not Philip Seymour Hoffman.

7: Another Round – Mads Mikkelson drinks while in charge of a load of kids in this endearing comedy about grown men deciding to become alcoholics that piss themselves. Lots of lols.

6: The Release Schedule of No Time To Die – If the film is half as thrilling as the ever changing story of its release we’re in for a right old treat. What a cluster fuck. Come on Sony, either piss or get off the pot.

5: Possessor – Sean Bean has some dental work but… SPOILER hilariously does not die. 

4: The Invisible Man – Johnny Depp is brilliant in this. I mean you can’t seem him at all.

3: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Rudolph the red nosed what?

2: Host – finally a Zoom call more terrifying than Jeffrey Toobin’s last one. 

1: Nomadland – Two words: inclusion rider. 

Happy New Year from all of us here at the Studio Exec, and here’s hoping 2021 will stop the bullshit. 

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