Katherine Brodsky is a lot of things, some of them, legal. She’s an art & entertainment journalist who has written for publications such as Variety, Entertainment Weekly, USA Weekend,etc. A master interrogator (aka interviewer). Satirical scribe of scripts and lyrics. She’s a femme fatale trapped in the mind of a writer with an over active imagination. And most importantly, she’s leader of “Katherineology,” a mildly acclaimed cult. Join her:

What the first film you ever saw and where did you see it?
Well, the thing is, where I grew up, there weren’t many cinemas and there was plenty of censorship. Then my family moved, but we were dirt poor. It took some time before I got to see my first movie in an actual cinema, but that experience is etched in memory. The movie in question was: Aladdin. Even though it is an animated Disney film, it is one of my favorites to this day. It’s just perfect. Plus, I have a crush on the Genie. What can I say, I like blue men who can fit into small spaces.

PS. I also remember watching The Neverending Story early on and how much that movie sparked my young imagination.

You’re in a screening. The man to your right pulls out his mobile phone and starts talking to his stock broker about the current price of aluminium. How do you feel?

The better question is: How does the man feel right after I rip his heart out. That is, after I figure out which stocks to invest in.
You are briefly bestowed with the power to bring an actor back from the dead. Who would you choose and why?

Oh dear. Just one? That’s really though. Maybe John Candy because he’s so unbelievably funny. Or Marlon Brando because he’s Marlon Brando. Marilyn Monroe because she died too young and had something more to her that she didnt quite get to share or discover. Charlie Chapman because he’s as funny and poignant today as he was all those years ago. Or Groucho Marx
 because his chauvinistic humuor rubs me the RIGHT way. Or Belushi because the Blues Brothers NEED him.  Then there’s Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart… I can’t really answer this question. I can’t think of anyone.
A giant robotic Octopus descends on New York City devouring citizens and wrecking buildings. How do you destroy it?

Destroy it? Why would I destroy it? I’m the one operating it. (No NYC landmarks will be hurt in this process, only Trump buildings)
What is your favourite Doris Day film and why?

Um…no comment.
Robert Redford offers you one million dollars to spend the night with him. What would you do?

Take the million dollars AND Robert Redford, it’s a win-win. Afterwards, tell him you would have done it for free. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a night talking to Robert Redford?
You are hired to write a sequel to the Shawshank Redemption. What would be your plot outline?

“Escape from Shawshank”?
If you was forced to watch one film on a loop for the rest of your natural life. What would it be and why?

Easy: All That Jazz. I used to watch it every night before bed. It’s that good. There’s just something about being a drug-addicted, chain-smoking, womanizing, workaholic director/choreographer that connects with me on a deep level.
Have you ever walked out of a film screening before it ended and why did you walk?

Why did the movie critic cross to another theatre? To get to a better film.
Who killed Roger Rabbit?

What are you saying? Are you accusing me? I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way.

And Roger Rabbit is immortal.

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