Born in Manila, Philippines and raised in a convent in Guam, Celia is a writer/director/producer who currently lives in Downtown Los Angeles. A Film Independent 2010 P:I Screenwriting Fellow, Celia recently produced a short samurai film set in 16th century Japan ( She  is currently developing two projects – a noir thriller set in Los Angeles, and a documentary on the annual talent show at Angelus Plaza, the largest senior housing complex west of the Mississippi.

What the first film you ever saw and where did you see it?

The Sound of Music. I was in a movie theatre in Guam and was maybe six or seven years old. I haven’t been able to shake movie musicals out of my system since.

You’re in a screening. The man to your right pulls out his mobile phone and starts talking to his stock broker about the current price of aluminium. How do you feel?

I’m okay with it because we’re screening my film, he’s a potential investor, and the current price of aluminum determines his P&A investment in my film. 

You are briefly bestowed with the power to bring an actor back from the dead. Who would you choose and why?

Heath Ledger. Brokeback Mountain 2. 

A giant robotic Octopus descends on New York City devouring citizens and wrecking buildings. How do you destroy it?


What is your favourite Doris Day film and why?

The Man Who Knew Too Much, because of Hitchcock, James Stewart, and Que Sera Sera. 

Robert Redford offers you one million dollars to spend the night with him. What would you do?

I’d say yes and as soon as the check clears, he gets to say hello to Butch and the Sundance Kid

You are hired to write a sequel to the Shawshank Redemption. What would be your plot outline?

The title to the sequel says it all, Shawshank 2: Electric Boogaloo

If you was forced to watch one film on a loop for the rest of your natural life. What would it be and why?

Ran by Kurosawa. Because it’s f*cking brilliant.  

Have you ever walked out of a film screening before it ended and why did you walk?

Brazil. I was bored and didn’t see that changing any time soon.
Who killed Roger Rabbit?

No one f*cking cares. 

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