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HOLLYWOOD – New show Ted Danson Fixes Fridges has got its star: Ted Danson.

Ted Danson is more famous for pouring drinks in Cheers or appearing in the Good Place. But in his new shows he’s going to have a very specific task: fixing your fridge. Every episode an ordinary member of the public is going to have a problem with a fridge. They’ll call a special hotline and Ted Danson will come over to the house, diagnose the problem and fix the fridge.

The guy who turned up in Saving Private Ryan and made you say ‘Fuck is that Ted Danson from Cheers’ spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

The concept is crazy. But very relate-able. We all own fridges and sometimes, life being imperfect, those fridges don’t work.

Have you had any training fixing fridges?

No, none whatsoever.

So how are you going to do it?

Therein lies the entertainment. I mean I’m going to give it my best shot, but it will mostly be guess work. I don’t know. How difficult can it be to fix a fridge?

Pretty difficult. Otherwise we wouldn’t need to call anyone.

You have a point there.

Ted Danson Fixes Fridges is on HULU.

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