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HOLLYWOOD – In a move which is bound to have widespread repercussions, the Intergovernmental Panel on Cinematic Culture (the IPCC) has drawn up an immediate worldwide ban on ‘teaser trailers’, effective from midnight tonight.

Teaser trailers – defined as short trailers which hint at an upcoming film are usually broadcast many months in advance of a film’s release, and frequently while the film is still in production. Some might even include footage which will not make it into the final film.

Dr. Martin Bradshaw of the IPCC said:

Teaser trailers are considered by the IPCC to be both misleading and irritating. They create a whole load of web content as various geeks pick them apart on bogs throughout the internet, which is also irritating. Then the actual film is probably not going to be out for a donkey’s age. Also irritating.

The IPCC have very limited powers and some believe the ban will be ineffectual. Industry spokesman Cilla Crest said she thought ‘we’ll just change the name to something else like Tickle Spot or Winky-vert.’

What do you think of the IPCC ruling? Please comment below. Or don’t.

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