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HOLLYWOOD – The release of a new Taylor Swift song ‘Shake it Off!’ has been linked to a sharp peak in gang violence this weekend.

Commentators have pinned the blame on the songstress and VMA winner for a number of drive bys and shootings and police have issued a warning to the singer, asking her to refrain from music ‘if at all possible’.

Cultural commentator and sociologist Xavier Poulis told Studio Exec:

I don’t know what it is about Ms. Swift’s sound, but the moment a new record of hers hits the ‘streets’ the next sound heard is the unloading of Uzis and Glocks and the screaming and crying of the wounded and dying. It could be that she speaks to the black experience like no other, because she herself is not black; is in fact as white as it is possible to be. Maybe it’s because her heart rending vulnerability adds tenderness to what is otherwise a brutal existence. As she sings, ‘players gonna play play play play, haters gonna hate hate hate hate’.

What has made Shake It Off a particularly incendiary mix is the music video which accompanies the song and has the country singer dressed as a gang member amidst twerking dancers.

Spike Lee didn’t watch the video and so was immediately available for comment:

It’s an obviously insulting appropriation of black culture for racist ends. What is so disgusting though is that so many brothers love the Swift and are willing to go to war with rival gangs whenever she has a song out.

When Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2009, LA exploded in rioting and Kanye West’s home and record company was burned to the ground.

Hopefully this year’s VMAs will pass without incident, but chances are more than a few gunshot victims won’t be able to ‘shake it off’!

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