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GREENVILLE – A taxi driver has short-changed comedian and actor Amy Schumer, the internet learned today.

Amy Schumer was in Greenville, for a show when she took a taxi from a restaurant back to her hotel. The fare was twenty seven dollars and she paid the taxi driver with a twenty dollar and a ten dollar bill and which point he drove off leaving her on the sidewalk fuming.

Writing on her Facebook page, Amy Schumer expressed her disbelief:

I can’t believe it. I was just standing there waiting for my money and with a cheery wave the thief just drove off. I have no objection to giving my change as a tip but I had not told him that I had the intention of paying a tip and he just assumed. This is like having my fingers snipped off with scissors and then someone taking a shit in my laundry basket. I know that Syria is having it bad at the moment, but seriously what happened to me was horrific by comparison.

Amy Schumer cancurrently be seen recovering from the trauma on the cover of Vanity Fair.

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