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LONDON – After Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino admitted to British music comic NME that his alternative history films require a conclusion. ‘A third film closing the trilogy would definitely be a good thing,’ everyone’s favourite dancing monkey said. ‘I’ve solved the Holocaust, won the Second World War and I’ve done the same now with slavery. Next up I want to solve climate change.’

The idea came after conversations with Leonardo diCaprio, who is committed to the environment and spends much of his spare time looking at it and checking that it’s okay. Tarantino has already drafted a treatment and sharpened his most colourful pencils:

The story is going to be genre peice. I’ve done Kung Fu, I’ve done War and now I’ve reinvented the Western. So for my environmental film, I’m going to make a monster movie. There are these dolphins and like BP are trying to kill them because they keep you know fucking up the oil spills that BP are doing on purpose. But they get strangely changed by the nuclear weapons that the North Koreans are testing. And so they come back and they fuck up the people. And there are dancing monkeys as well. 

What history would you like to see revised by Quentin Tarantino? Feel free to post comments or get intouch via Twitter or Facebook.

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