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HOLLYWOOD – Rushed into production last week, the first image of Taken 4 can be EXCLUSIVELY seen here.

Studio Exec got a sneak peek along with an interview with star Liam Neeson.

So Liam what’s the film about?

Well, the original idea was a good one but after the first three that story is beginning to wear a bit thin, so in the new Taken we’re going in a totally new direction.

Which is?

Space! The final frontier. Ha ha.

Sounds fantastic.

Yeah. Bryan Mills has been cloned and is used as a universal soldier, but when all the families of his clone army are kidnapped by the Naboo mafia, the clones use their particular set of skills (a kind of forcefield that surrounds everything) to wage inter-galatic war.

Taken 4: The Mills Awakens will be released Tuesday.

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