PARIS – There will be five more films on the subject of iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the next six months.

Two films came out in 2014 – Yves Saint Laurent directed by Jalil Lespert and Saint Laurent by Betrand Bonello – covering the biography of the man who wore glasses and made a lot of clothes. It is unclear in what order the films will be released but the titles are as follows:

YSL: We can expect a glossy period piece from Olivier Assayas, who insists that his film will take in the designers political activities in the late sixties. It will also be the shortest  at only 23 minutes in length.

The Fabulous World of Yves: a whimsical fairytale version of the designer comes from the vision of Jean Pierre Jeunet, as the designer (Dominique Pinon) makes a series of gadget laden designs 

C*NT: Shock director Gaspar Noé’s film is set to concentrate on torture, sexual perversion and murder with a magisterial Vincent Cassel as the animal murdering fashionista.

Yves: Having recently expressed their desire to make more glamorous material, Belgian directors the Dardennes Brothers abandon their social realist principles for this glossy take on haut couture starring Adrien Brody.

Asterix and the Saint Laurent Collection: The return of everyone’s favourite potion glugging Gaul sees, Asterix teaming up with Yves Saint Laurent to fight the Romans (Valentino).


CANNES – Saint Laurent is a film about someone who made clothes.

It goes on for a couple of hours and shows the inner demons and the grief behind the ‘genius’ who made clothes. It is the second film this year about the same man who made clothes. In the film, you see the man making clothes. Or you see women making clothes and him going ‘no like this… perfect.’
The sun is out and I’m determined to go to some parties. The Stella Artois party tonight involves watching men pour beer and pretending to care how well they do it. There’s a party to celebrate Gerard Depardieu but as I don’t speak Russian and I know how to use a toilet, I won’t be going. Roman Polanski and James Franco are hosting a party but there’s an age limit and I’m way too old. The Expendables 3 party looks good but I’m too young.

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