HOLLYWOOD – On the set of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, something else has caught fire: Jennifer Lawrence‘s hair. According to sources close to the production, inveterate practical joker and co-star Woody Harrelson shaved the Oscar winning actress’ hair while she was sleeping and ‘smoked it in a huge bong’.

covering her bare noggin

Harrelson confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence’s hair had tasted like cherry oak and had psychotropic properties roughly the equivalent of top drawer magic mushrooms.

For a while I was flying, actually flying, and it wasn’t because I was flying, like in a dream, it was because in a way we are all flying through space and only after I smoked Jennifer Lawrence’s hair did I realize it as an actual fact.

Meanwhile, Lawrence herself was said to be over then moon with the joke. A friend close to the Silver Linings Playbook star said:

Jenny loves Woody and they share a sense of humor which is rad. When she looked in the mirror and saw her hair was all gone and he’d nicked her quite badly with the clippers, she couldn’t stop giggling, hysterically, and screaming ‘look what he’s done to me?’ Ha ha!

It is thought that Lawrence – herself a practical joker – will be cooking up a good one of her own. ‘She’s going to neuter Woody is what I’ve heard,’ said a mutual friend. 

Hunger Games: Catching Fire is due out in 2014.