HOLLYWOOD – The Wolverine will return with Hugh Jackman taking up the adamantine claws once more in Young Logan.

Following Logan word had it that Hugh Jackman was done with the famous X-Man. But apparently not. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, Jackman revealed that the new film would take a completely different direction:

Yes. When we were doing a lot of press I admit I was tired. Wolverine took up a significant part of my acting life and though I’m grateful, I felt that I could escape now. However, when James Foley told me the idea of doing a Young Logan movie, I just had to read the script. What I found was a story we hadn’t done before. This is about James Howlett growing up in Canada. His family background and his tragic first love. It’s actually very moving.

But surely you’re too old to play the role?

Digital de-aging my friend. Ridley Scott put me on to it.

Young Logan will be released in 2018.


REVIEW -LOGAN – Hugh Jackman returns as everyone’s favorite X-Man in the final film featuring Wolverine.

Right of the bat I’m gonna put it out there that I’m not a huge X-Men fan. The first two were okay, at best. The various reboots and spin offs have been intermittently entertaining. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has often been the best thing about whatever film we’ve been offered. And now he has provided the first truly great film – and perhaps necessarily the last – of the X-Men franchise. The reasons for its greatness is that it does its best to get away from the usually superhero/action movie grammar and concentrate on something old fashioned, classical even: character.

Logan is a limping, worn out figures. His eyes have the jaundiced look of years of alcohol abuse. He is a defeated man and a fascinating character – probably Jackman’s best performance ever. He’s caring for his aging surrogate father, who is waning away south of the border. Political resonance is rife. Not only for the border which features prominently, but for the healthcare system and the imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act, as Logan drives a limo to buy knock off drugs to treat Professor Xavier. When Laura – a young mutant with a terrible past – turns up in need of help, Logan finds himself engaged in a fight against an implacable enemy: essentially corporate self-interest.

Throughout the film, potential action scenes are discarded. We see massive combine harvesters and self-driven trucks and wait for them to be used in some way, but the film isn’t interested in them. Rather, it is in the hopeless twilight years of an age that sees solidarity give way to fear and repression. The victims aren’t only the mutants, it’s also the normal family who offer shelter and who are being bullied by a large agricultural consortium.

There is a deep pessimism to this view which is in no way mitigated by the heroics of the main character. The age for happy endings on the Statue of Liberty is done. And this pessimism links to the film’s avatar – the Western. Shane is explicitly cited as a model and it is testament to how good a film Logan is that it stands up to the comparison. The Western is not only about horses and cowboy hat and quick draws – all of which appear. The most enduring narrative of the great westerns is the end of the West. It is this elegiac awareness of a time that is dying, freedoms curtailed, spaces occupied, heroes dying out that closely links Logan to this tradition. Prof. Xavier used to run a school, Logan reminds us at one point. Schools! Remember them.

Of course, there’s hope in the future. But the film damningly concludes, as we cross another border, not in the USA.

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HOLLYWOOD – Following Logan, Hugh Jackman will star in The Fountain 2, Darren Aronofsky revealed today.

Talking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Darren Aronofsky spoke of The Fountain 2 and the return of Hugh Jackman as the Man:

The Fountain was a film that dealt with mortality and the search for immortality. It asked the question ‘Why do we have to die?’ So it was natural for me to think about why does the film have to die? Why can’t we see what happens next?

So what happens next?

The idea is that Hugh has achieved immortality, not through the eating of a root or a hallucinogenic revelation as in the first film, but instead via a military experiment which replaces his skeleton with an adamantine substance that is impervious …


Impervious to any violence. Along with the other X-Men, he seeks to go beyond worrying about death as the Earth is threatened by a blue light which shines up from a city to open a portal or something. Fight, fight, fight, smash, bang wallop!

But isn’t this just Wolverine?

I need a hit man. I really need a hit.

The Fountain 2: Logan Returns will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman is furious about the new film Logan, claiming that it is a direct rip off of the X-Men character he has played for fifteen years.

Hugh Jackman is usually a mild-mannered sweet man, but when he stormed into the Studio Exec bungalow this morning he was furious.

‘Have you seen this?’ he said, shoving his tablet in my face and showing me a trailer for the new film Logan. ‘I can’t believe it.’

When I asked what was the problem, this is what he said:

I was really looking forward to this new film Logan. The original is amazing with Michael York and Jenny Agutter. I should have known something was wrong when they left the “‘s Run” off the title. But anyway… I watched it and it turns out they’ve totally ripped off Wolverine. I mean it’s the same character, the actor looks just like me and he has these claws. They’ve even managed to rope in poor Patrick Stewart to play someone called Charles, who is just obviously Professor Xavier.

But isn’t it…

And the thing that pisses me off is it actually looks better than the Wolverine movies. They even got Johnny Cash to do the soundtrack. I thought he was dead.

Logan will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – News from the X-Men universe has it that Carey Mulligan is to play the new Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse.

The 30 year old actress famed for her roles in An Education, Drive and The Great Gatsby will be taking over from Hugh Jackman, who has played James Howlett AKA Rogan AKA Wolverine for fifteen years, including 5 X-Men films and two stand alone Wolverine movies. A third Wolverine movie due out in 2017 and was rumored to be Jackman’s last appearance in the role but it looks now as if Carey Mulligan will be taking over.

A spokesperson for Fox told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

It is a sad fact that Hugh Jackman following a whole bunch of films – seven in total – will finally be hanging up his titanium claws, but we’re really excited to have found a replacement who will bring Wolverine to a whole new audience. Carey has that fresh faced exuberance and that lovely shy vulnerability that is there in the comic books and that Hugh, despite all his best efforts, singularly failed to bring to the screen.

Fox is hoping to change several of the main characters in a bid to compete with Marvel’s Avengers series and casting rumors have been rife. Ariana Grande is currently in talks to play a new version of Professor Xavier and Miley Cyrus looks like a possible Nightcrawler.

Mulligan herself said that she was ‘excited by the opportunity but also a little nervous of having to go up against Hugh’s super portrayal.’ She has already begun smoking cigars to prepare for the role and is due to have the surgery which will see her adamantium skeleton implanted.

How does she feel about having six inch razor sharp claws protruding from her knuckles?

‘Well, I’ll never be lost for a pair of scissors again!’ says the delightful Mulligan.

X-Men Apocalypse will be released in 2016 and Wolverine: Donkey Heaven will be out the following year. 


HOLLYWOOD – Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Wolverine: Inherent Vice signals a departure for the X-Men spin off.

Hopefully the film which is set to debut at the New York Film Festival will be a vast improvement on the increasingly tedious slap dashery we’ve had to put up with so far. Joaquin Phoenix replaces Hugh Jackman in the title role, as the Oz star declared himself ‘hacked off with the claws and shit’.…