NEW YORK – The former minor functionary of New York and leader of the Tea Party Walter Peck has endorsed Larry Vaughn in a move which looks likely to strengthen his candidacy.

Walter Peck first came to national prominence during the ‘Ghostbusters scandals’ of the mid-Eighties in which large parts of downtown New York were infested by paranormal entities which were busted by a crew of unlicensed undead pest control merchants. Peck was then working for the Environmental Protection Agency. Although his role in the affair was unclear, Peck soon began to climb the ladder of the civil service before moving into politics and finally becoming a spokesperson for the Tea Party movement.

He spoke with the Studio Exec about Larry Vaughn and his endorsement:

What you have in government at the moment is a complete unbridled usurpation of power from the citizens of this country. We need to take back the country and Larry Vaughn is the man to do it. He is the man who is not afraid to do the risky thing if it means promoting the economic welfare of his people. He is the man who in crisis thinks about the concerns of the bankers and the businessmen before he does the safety of the people and the children. He is a man who’s not afraid to yell barracuda, but who will never yell shark.

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