WASHINGTON – Baron Harkonnen today has become the latest member of the GOP to withdraw his support from the party’s presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The news follows a number of high profile desertions, including House Speaker, Paul Ryan. However, Harkonnen’s switch will be particularly painful as he is in fact a relative of the Reality star turned candidate. In a statement issued from Giedi Prime, the Baron told the Studio Exec his reasons:

I feel that Donald Trump has brought disrepute to the Republican Party and to the Harkonnens. We are a long line of sexual deviants and predators and his mealy mouthed apologizing is a disgrace. I myself bathe in the blood of adolescents every morning and you don’t hear me giving any explanations to anybody. I shall be voting for Larry Vaughn on the ticket and I hope Donald will step aside and allow this true Republican to take his place.

There has been no comment from the Trump camp.