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HOLLYWOOD – The bells were ringing in North and South Korea today as a deal was finally made that saw a peaceful conclusion to the saber rattling and escalation of tensions of the past few weeks.

And as part of that deal – in perhaps the strangest clause of the treaty – comes the news that Kim Jong Un will be starring in the sequel to the Pixar smash Up. Up 2: Benevolent Leader Sores Above Evil will also be the first live action film that the animation studio has produced.

Director Bob Peterson said today:

No one here at Pixar is really happy about this but we got a phone call from the President early this morning and it became clear that war was imminent if some solution wasn’t found. Spielberg had already categorically denied any wish to make a stand alone Short Round movie and so it was left to us. The movie will be what it is, but the important thing is we averted a conflict that could have cost millions of lives and not many movie studios can make that claim. Except Fox but they’d be lying. 

Scribes were busy thrashing out character arcs and plot points late into the night, but it seems that the synopsis they’ve come up with sees Wilderness Explorer Russell now as a grown man and Supreme Leader of the World Federation. When evil rears its ugly head as Warlord StickyBack Lobarma, Russell is called on to stare benignly into the middle distance with the help of his talking dog and a curmudgeonly old South Korean (Jim Burgess) who keeps – hilariously – falling into open sewers and breaking limbs.

Up 2: Benevolent Leader Sores Above Evil is due out on Xmas day.