HOLLYWOOD – The Jack Nicholson biopic, Nicholson, starring Christian Slater as the wild man actor starts filming this October.

Christian Slater to star in Nicholson. Directed by King’s Speech and Les Miserables helmer Tom Hooper, the film is based on the 1996 exposé Lucky Bastard: the Life and Times of Jack Nicholson by Beatrix Hammerstian and scripted by Lincoln scribe Tony Kushner.

Slater – best known for his role in Heathers and … was he in True Romance? – said:

These days I’m frankly glad of getting any work at all, but to make a film about Mr. Nicholson … a dream come true. And one I fully intend to make the most of. Of course, I’ll have to radically alter my acting style. But that is a small price to pay for playing someone I regard (and this may surprise you) as a personal hero.

Kushner has revealed that the film will occupy a relatively short period in Jack Nicholson’s life:

I’ve used the same method as I did with Lincoln. Instead of trying for the whole sweep of his life, I concentrated on a particular episode. We’ve gone into it with some real depth. In terms of Abraham Lincoln it was the passing of the constitutional amendment. With Nicholson, it’s the making of Wolf.   

Nicholson himself has refused to comment on the making of the film, but a source close to the actor says that he is very keen to get Jennifer Lawrence’s phone number ‘at any cost’.

Nicholson will be released in 2018.