HOLLYWOOD – As Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 approaches, Prof. Mandy Artelis, Associate Professor of Contemporary History at Columbia University has launched a scathing attack against Michael Bay and the entire Transformers franchise, claiming the films are “A distortion of facts when they are not outright invention.”

In her book The Truth Behind Transformers, published today, Professor Artelis argues that the director of the films, Michael Bay, is culpable of “Gross exaggeration” and at times “Wild flights of fancy.” 
Professor Artelis writes:

The material covering the Cybertron civil war is consistent with known facts, as well as Megatron’s arrival on earth and his hiatus, whilst frozen in Arctic ice. However, all this stuff with Sam and his girlfriend, his parents, the racist robots, and some ridiculous machine called “Bumble Bee”, that is all pure invention. The Allspark was not hidden under the Hoover Dam, but that inaccuracy I can allow as it was no doubt a question of national security.

Having researched the material thoroughly, her verdict is damning – “I would say 30% you can just throw straight out in the trash. And of the 70% that remains, 50% of that is fairly dubious. This is particularly disappointing because Bad Boys and The Island were both, more or less, 100% historically accurate.”

And Pearl Harbor?

“F*ck off.”

Michael Bay was unavailable for comment as he is currently in Vietnam waging a war. Click here for more on that story.

Transformers 4 will be released in 2014 (God have mercy on our souls).