GREENVILLE – A taxi driver has short-changed comedian and actor Amy Schumer, the internet learned today.

Amy Schumer was in Greenville, for a show when she took a taxi from a restaurant back to her hotel. The fare was twenty seven dollars and she paid the taxi driver with a twenty dollar and a ten dollar bill and which point he drove off leaving her on the sidewalk fuming.

Writing on her Facebook page, Amy Schumer expressed her disbelief:

I can’t believe it. I was just standing there waiting for my money and with a cheery wave the thief just drove off. I have no objection to giving my change as a tip but I had not told him that I had the intention of paying a tip and he just assumed. This is like having my fingers snipped off with scissors and then someone taking a shit in my laundry basket. I know that Syria is having it bad at the moment, but seriously what happened to me was horrific by comparison.

Amy Schumer cancurrently be seen recovering from the trauma on the cover of Vanity Fair.


HOLLYWOOD – We all know that Amy Schumer is a talented comic and actor and BFF of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, but what else do we need to know?

The Studio Exec FACT Squad took a small Fantastic Voyage style submarine to find out what is really “Inside Amy Schumer”:

  1. Amy Schumer was born on a small island of the West African coast. Here her father performed experiments on the local animals in an attempt to make them more human. It was his actions and his grisly fate that led H.G. Wells to write “The Island of Doctor Schumer”. When Wells arrived back in his own time, the publisher insisted he change the name to “something more Frenchy”.
  2. Amy Schumer’s big break arrived on the comedy central quiz/reality show ‘Who’s Nuts?’, a contest in which comedians acting crazy are mixed with actually psychotics and a panel of experts have to try and tell the difference. Schumer’s schizophrenia finally paid off and she was on her way to the big time.
  3. Billy Joel is Amy Schumer’s grandfather and whenever Amy has a weekend free she likes to go to one of his concerts and dance on his piano, often bringing friends. This has enraged Billy Joel so much he’s written a song about it. His next single, entitled ‘I hope you break (your freakin’ neck)’.
  4. Trainwreck was inspired by an actual train wreck which took place in India and cost the lives of over fifty people. The script was originally going to be directed by Angelina Jolie Pitt but when Amy Schumer was cast it was decided to change the dialogue, the genre, the setting, the script and the story at which point Angelina Jolie Pitt left the project.
  5. Despite all the evidence to the contrary (click here), Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence sercretly hate each other, but this knowledge is buried in their deepest most secret being so even they don’t know it themselves.

For more FACTS click HERE.


HOLLYWOOD – Best buddies Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer might go shopping next Tuesday, the Studio Exec has just learned.

The Lawrence/Schumer shopping trip has not been finalized by any means, but there was a flurry of text activity late last night that has Schumer/Lawrence watchers very excited. Professor Jade Tailor, head of the new Think Tank Lawrence Schumer Watch at the University of Chicago, had this to say:

This is a development certainly of the friendship. First there’s the boat trip. Then there are the gushing interviews about how they complete each other and now we hear they’re even planning on writing a film together. This is very exciting so it comes as no surprise that the two should also wish to bond with that most postmodern of activities the shopping spree.

At the moment indications are that the Hunger Games/Trainwreck shopping trip will take place in Los Angeles, probably in some of the more high end shops on Rodeo Drive, but their could be a ‘crazy jaunt’ to some of the thrift stores around West Hollywood. Although lunch is a distinct possibility and perhaps mid afternoon cocktails, there is a chance that the two will make do with coffee from a Starbucks or similar.

However, an insider from the Schumer camp told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that the arrangements were still very tentative and not too much should be read into this.

Jen and Amy are super busy right now and so squeezing in any time at all will be something of a miracle. To get the two schedules to free up a morning is just like you know I mean wow. So what I’m saying is it might happen? But on the other hand it might not.

Meanwhile the markets in China seem to have steadied and though we cannot say that the two facts are explicitly linked, there has to be some kind of connection.

Hunger Games: Caught Fire will be released in December.