OKLAHOMA – Tracy Lett’s August: Osage County starring Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep is already the action movie of 2014, and now Happy Frrrt Toys are bringing out a complete collection of character action figures so you can play along with all the lively family discussions, pill popping and hilarious suicide. 

The figures will come complete with angst and family secrets and – in the case of Meryl Streep’s character – a detachable wig!

Happy Frrrt Toys Spokesperson, Clem Beliez explained:

We’ve done a whole series of Sam Shepherd action figures ever since Days of Heaven. The Right Stuff was probably our most popular model, but when we saw an early cut of the film we knew that this would be the film based children’s toy of the season.

Don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate?

What? No. What do you mean inappropriate?

Well, cancer, drug abuse, incest, suicide: they’re not exactly subjects that are appropriate for children to play with. 

Star Wars action figures included characters who committed incest, violence, murder, suicide and anti-Semitic robots. I didn’t hear you complaining then. 

August: Osage County action figures are available from all good toy shops.