HOLLYWOOD – The Tony Stark  prequel will focus on the creation of his comedy persona.

The new prequel to cover the early years of Tony Stark is going to emphasize his comic persona.

Robert Downey Jr today spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

We like the idea that Tony is always funny. He does quips and one liners and is an all round smart ass. But we wanted to see the origins of that and so we made this film and I think people will be surprised about the way it works. The fact of the matter Tony Stark was a Charlie Chaplin impersonator and so I used all the experience I had playing Charlie Chaplin to bring this out to the fore. We see his frustration with slapstick and his development into a moral verbal comedian.

But surely he’s more interesting as a sort of inventor?

There’s a bit of that but it’s mostly pouring a jug of fresh cream down at fat man’s trousers and tripping over walking sticks. We also have some other Avengers doing cameo roles. Captain America and Tony Stark have to dress up as women when they accidentally enroll in an all female school. It’s hilarious.

Tony Stark: The Vaudville Years will be released in 2017.


NEW YORK – Marvel have announced a new venture – a 24 hour news channel which will give EXCLUSIVE minute by minute updates and rolling coverage of everything happening in the Marvel Universe.

They began with comic books and then branched out into movie franchises such as Iron Man and The Avengers and TV shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but now Marvel are extending their reach even further with a 24 Hour news channel dedicated to reporting events in the Marvel Universe.

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams will be heading the Marvel news team with his trademark imagination and cutting edge analysis.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec from the Avengers’ secret base in Canada, Williams had this to say:

This is going to be a dedicated news service providing viewers with all the up to date information that they need about the goings on in the Marvel Universe. There’ll be tech news with Tony Stark, dedicated Hulk warnings and Black Widow will do the weather. Foreign correspondent Thor will give you the intergalactic news, including the latest developments in Asgard and the refugee crisis following the near destruction of Xandar. Groot will have a dedicated part of the show where he gives his critical commentary on what is going on in the world of politics and Drax the Destroyer and Rocket are double teaming for the Sports Desk.

Potentially rival stations have reacted differently. NBC wished Mr. Williams the best in a cordial statement, but CNN bitterly criticized the development, saying ‘There is no room for fictional news in the schedule.’ In contrast Fox News welcomed the new channel, saying in a statement:

Fox News has always encouraged the use of fantasy to the utmost in our reporting of the news and we can only stand back and admire the new initiative of Marvel 24 Hour News Channel. They are genuinely running with this.

The Marvel News Channel will  begin broadcasting at the end of the week.