HOLLYWOOD – After the announcement that Spider-Man is to return to the Marvel cinematic universe, early reports suggest that Tom Hardy is the number one choice to play everyone’s favourite web-slinger.

“We want an older, more worldly Spider-Man”, said producer Kevin Feige:

We love Tom but he before he accepts a role he likes to spend a couple of months experimenting with the character to determine if he can bring something new to the table. We told him we wanted him on board last November and we’re waiting for him to confirm.

According to a source, Hardy has stretched the limits of the human mind and body in his quest to create the perfect Spider-Man:

He spent a week super-glued to his living room wall and dislocated his pelvis trying to leap onto a moving car but that wasn’t enough for Tom, he wanted to go further so he exposed a black window spider to radiation and goaded it into biting him. He now has all the powers Spider-Man has and the only thing he’s struggling with is the New York accent.

Hardy was unavailable for comment but his agent issued the following statement:

Tom is currently on the planet Xandar attempting to repel an attack on the Nova Corp by the mad titian, Thanos. If he manages to wrestle control of the Infinity gauntlet he’ll be back a week on Friday. If not, I hear Tobey Maguire is still looking work.