HOLLYWOODTom Hanks follows in the footsteps of Will Smith, Sir Ian McKellen and Jamie Foxx in being the latest actor to try to make the crossover from cinema to music with the release of his album HANX A MILLION.

In a sudden change of direction, Forest Gump has loaded up with bling, surrounded himself with some big ass mommas and gone all pimp. Although famous for his roles as a white bread American hero in the style of Jimmy Stewart, Hanks has long lived a double life, mixing with Method Man and Eminem. The track list however does hint at his cinema work.

Tracks include: Pole Dancer Express, I’m gonna Forest Hump, Forest Hump ya!, Deserve this mother fucka! Cloud Asslas, Fill-a-Delphia (Then Fill Another One), and Big (You Betta Believe it).