EXCLUSIVE – In a Studio Exec exclusive interview Tom Cruise denied overcompensating for ANYTHING. We sat down with the Mission Impossible star to talk about the next two movies in the series. It was then Tom Cruise denied overcompensating for anything with his extreme stunts.

Tom Tell Us About Your Next Mission Impossible Movie

You know I can’t tell you anything in any great detail. But what I can guarantee is there will be wild and crazy stunts that would make those Jackass, err Jackasses soil their athletic cups. We’re going bigger, faster and much longer than before.

What Do You Say To People Who Say Tom Cruise Is Overcompensating?

Overcompensating? For what? I’m the biggest movie star in the world. The BIGGEST! You hear me? I say, stick ‘em up, lemme at ‘em. I loved Scrappy-Doo. Anyone who talks shit about him deserves everything they got coming to ‘em.

But All The Rock Climbing, Abseiling, HALO Jumps and Motorbike Stunts, What Does That Say To Anyone?

It says I’m the dominant Thetan on this planet, baby. That Miscavige might think he’s the Daddy, but I’m the Daddy in this manor. Is your antennae receiving this message? I’m OT VIII. I got my certificate framed up on the wall and everything. It’s right next to my Wichita University Of Performing Arts Correspondence Course certificate.

Is It True MI: 7 & 8 Will Be Your Farewell To The Franchise?

Absolutely, it will be. Yes. I mean, it gets kind of ridiculous after a certain age, expecting me to throw myself from buildings and fight people the size of Henry Cavill.

Ha-ha-ha, Yes. It Did Look A Bit Funny When You Were Stood Next To Him.

I meant, it would look ridiculous when I’m in my 70s. But not now. What the f**k are you implying? Why would you say such a thing to me? Let me get my standing-on box, so I can look you in the eye while I tell why that was so rude.

Mission Impossible: 7 Is Due Out In 2023


HOLLYWOOD – In a surprise move Tom Cruise has officially commented on Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary Going Clear.

“I thought it was hilarious,” said Cruise:

I love April Fools Day but I’ve got to hand it to Alex Gibney, he really put the time and effort into this prank and it really paid off. I’ve been laughing my ass off all week.

Cruise went on to reveal his best moments from the HBO special:

All the stuff about the work camps and scrubbing floors with toothbrushes, man oh man, I was in stitches but my favorite part was when that woman was close to tears describing how her daughter had to stop communicating with her when she left the church. What an actress! I don’t know how she kept a straight face. That was deadpan comedy at it’s very best and you can bet your life, I’ll be getting in contact with her agent to get her a role in my next movie.

Asked if he planned to get his own back on Gibney, Cruise nodded:

Absolutely. I was talking to David Miscavige about it the other day and he said it would be hilarious if we got a couple of guys to take pictures of Alex and follow him around in a car for a year. I couldn’t really see the funny side at first but then David waved a pocket watch in front of my eyes and suddenly I thought the idea was hysterical.

Going Clear is available on HBO now.