HOLLYWOOD – Ryan Lochte has given his version of events after Dancing in the Stars – on which he was guesting – was disrupted by protesters.

Olympic swimmer and Richard Nixon Veracity Award winner Ryan Lochte today spoke about the pain and confusion that followed the protest which took place on Dancing with the Stars:

It was unbelievable. We’d done our routine and I thought we’d done really well. I was listening to the judges give me their feedback and obviously I was a bit nervous.  Tom Bergeron was standing by me when I heard the sound of a helicopter. I guess the protestors must have used it to get on the roof of the studio and then they roped in from above. They were both firing flamethrowers and I was really concerned someone was going to get hurt.

Wow! What did you do?

My first thought was to protect other people. So I threw myself in front of the security. My thinking was, why should the security guys get hurt because of me? So when I saw the grenade on the floor, I didn’t think twice I threw myself on it and tensed my abdomen against the blast. The grenade might have killed a normal man but my abs are really hard. Then I used my nunchuks and martial arts skill to disarm the men. I repeated my mantra as I was doing it to help me keep focused and even when they sprayed the audience with machine gun fire I did my best to restrain the men without harming them.

Dancing with the Stars features Kim Jong-il and Amanda Knox next week.