LOS ANGELES- Justin Timberlake’s long awaited directorial debut is going to be a film version of Radiohead’s seminal 1997 concept album Ok Computer it was announced today at a press conference at the Los Angeles Hilton.

Timberlake says that he is inspired by such films as Ken Russell’s Tommy and Alan Parker’s Pink Flyod: The Wall but not Rob Marshall’s Chicago.

The pop star turned pop star told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I want to take inspiration from music that changed the era and to some extent summed up the era. And Radiohead have been instrumental at every stage of the creative process. As a first time director I feel particularly grateful to Thom Yorke for his guidance. Once you get through the abuse, there are actually some words of real wisdom immersed deep in the vitriol.

Plot details were few on the ground but Timberlake and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman said that the band would be characters, they would all live in the same house and they would go on holiday to Europe in a red double-decker bus. As for casting, the young director and star of Southland Tales said the band had all agreed to appear as themselves and astrophysicist and – in something of a scoop – Nobel prize winner  Stephen Hawking has also signed up for a cameo, although Timberlake refused to say if the role involved any singing.

Shooting is due to begin in April and finish in September, with a release date already set for Christmas Day, 2014.