HOLLYWOOD – Mickey Rourke returns to the ring in sequel to The Wrestler, playing David Arquette.

David Arquette is the subject of the new Mickey Rourke film that is billed as an unofficial sequel to The Wrestler, for which he won an Oscar nomination. Arquette has had acting roles in the Scream franchise, Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore and Beautiful Girls. He has also appeared in numerous TV roles, both in starring roles and cameos. What many don’t know he is also a huge Wrestling fanatic. Last night he fought Nic Gage – not to be confused with Nic Cage – and accidentally cut his throat open when Nic Gage cut his throat.

Mickey Rourke spoke to the EXEC EXCLUSIVELY:

I’m a big fan of David as an actor. The work he did in Friends was unbelievable. Something we all sat up when we saw. But now what he’s doing with Wrestling is something else. I fully respect what he’s trying to do. Ready to Rumble was bullshit but this is the real thing.

Director Darren Aronofksy will return.

Yeah, we already talked. The thing you have to understand about Darren is that he’s an artist. He believes in never repeating himself. Always moving forward. But Jesus after the stomping he took with mother! he was prepping Noah 2: Off the Boat when we called. He almost jumped down the phone.

 The Story

We’re going to be true to David’s story, from the beginnings where he took it all as a joke. Right to the Emergency Room where he realizes ‘What the f*ck am I doing? I have kids!’

The Wrestler 2: The David Arquette Story comes out in 2020.