Barbara Broccoli has confirmed that the follow up to Skyfall with be titled The Walking Dench.

“We are interested in exploring how James would deal with the undead,” said Broccoli.

“Zombies are very popular these days and we thought now would be the perfect time for Bond to dip his slightly salty tasting wick into that genre.” 

Broccoli went on to say that they went through many titles before they settled on The Walking Dench.

Oh we had a fun brain storming session and many great titles were suggested. Dead and Let Die, You Only Die Twice, The Spy who Ate Me, Eyeraker and Dr Noooooo! Eventually we settled on the Walking Dench but we haven’t really got a story yet. I just wanted to bring Judi back so I could kill her again.

Bond: The Walking Dench is due to be released in 2015