HOLLYWOOD – Stanley Kubrick’s lost Stephen King movie – Cujo – revealed by scholar.

Stanley Kubrick completed thirteen feature films in his career. However, the director was known to have planned other films such as an adaptation of Perfume, his Holocaust drama The Aryan Files, a biopic of Napoleon and revealed in a new book, the Stephen King novel Cujo.

Kubrick scholar Alfonso Bratt talked EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about this new discovery.

Stanley loved Stephen King’s work, and he planned after completing The Shining to make another Stephen King immediately. Originally he was writing a screenplay for The Stand, but he found the story difficult and then in 1983 Cujo came out and Stanley was really taken by it. He immediately contacted NASA and asked them to make him a large dog, which they did. NASA would do anything for Stanley. With British horror writer James Herbert, Kubrick began to breakdown the novel and write a first draft screenplay, but then King began to play tough about the rights. King did not like what Kubrick had done with The Shining. And he was not happy at the prospect of Kubrick adapting another of his books. So he basically kept raising his asking price until Kubrick realized it was never going to happen.

What happened next?

Stanley got interested in The Shorttimers, as Full Metal Jacket was then called. Stephen King let an adaptation of Cujo be made by another director and Stanley’s love affair with Stephen King was pretty much over. Although I believe there’s still a NASA made robotic dog somewhere in a barn in the south of England.

The Cujo that Could Have Been by Alfonso Bratt is available from all good bookshops and Amazon.