MANCHESTER – Actor, comedian and writer Steve Coogan is to play Morrissey the lead singer of legendary group The Smiths in the film version of Morrissey’s best-selling autobiography.

The Trip and Philomena star told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

This for me is a real labour of love. We have a great script by Frank Cottrell Boyce and Danny Boyle, another Manc, is going to be directing. We are all huge fans. When we had the first meetings we just sat around talking about our favourite songs. Mine is The Boy with a Thorn in his Side, Frank loves Girlfriend in a Coma and Danny rather predictably likes How Soon is Now? I met Morrissey about five years ago and I was absolutely starstruck. I was speechless. Which was a first for me.  Ha ha. Because I talk so much usually.

With filming set to begin in December, what does Morrissey himself think of the film?

We had a few meetings with him, because of course we are adapting his book and so we wanted his input and he told us at the first meeting that he was happy about the film.


His exact words were ‘I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour.’


Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now will be released in 2015.