HOLLYWOOD – Mark Romanek confirmed The Shining prequel will be called Delbert Grady and will tell the story of Jack Torrance’s immediate predecessor at the Overlook Hotel.

The man who had the good sense not only to make Never Let Me Go but also not to make The Wolfman and spoke exclusively with the Studio Exec, ‘because you are the only guys who dare to print the 100% truth, no facts, but 100% truth.’

I have been wanting to make this film for a long time and we had a lot of different scripts. First we were going to look a Dick Halloran, but his story is a bit of a downer and he’s the chef so he tends to use his shining talents to check if they have enough milk without opening the fridge door. Then we were going to look at Lloyd, the bar tender, and that felt interesting, but Lloyd in the original is really the devil so that also felt too on the nose. We even had the idea about it being about the building of the hotel. What a stupid idea that would have been!? But once we realised Delbert was the heart of the film we knew we had cracked the idea.

In Stanley Kubrick’s original film, based on the novel by Stephen King, Grady was played by veteran British actor Philip Stone, who went on to appear in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Now speculation is rife as to who is going to play the young caretaker.

Romanek was giving away very little:

I’d like to stick to the English butler feel that Stone originally made even though it doesn’t really make much sense that he would be an English butler in a hotel in Colorado. But that got me thinking of Benedict Cumberbatch. He’ll be very difficult to get now though. I mean he’s everywhere and his dance ticket is pretty much full. Tom Hiddleston would be good, but likewise Tom is really in demand. I’ve worked with Andy Garfield before and I think he could fit the bill, but since Spider-Man, I’m not sure if we could afford him.

Delbert Grady will be released in 2016.