The Queen – Top Five Films

Exclusive – The Queen – Top Five Films. The Studio Exec sat down with Liz Regina to talk about her love of movies, revealing The Queen’s top Five Films. 

The Queen – Top Five Films – 1: Flesh Gordon

“I told that mouthy sod, Brian Blessed that I loved Flesh Gordon, not Flash Gordon. Perhaps he would’ve heard me if he could keep his mouth shut for longer than a second. Why would he think I’d like a film about an out of date monarch who is overthrown by his subjects and a bloody asylum seeker? I’ve always loved 80s soft porn. So, back in the day, I would send Phillip, gawd bless him, out to the video shop down the road from Horse Guard’s Parade to rent it for me. In his name, naturally. One does have one’s reputation to maintain, you know.”

The Queen – Top Five Films – 2: 120 Days Of Sodom

“Whenever one needs cheering up or could just do with a damned good laugh, we throw this beauty on. It’s about these jolly aristocrats with a terrific sense of humor who play all sorts of pranks and jokes on these lower class youths. It’s like Jackass, but with more shit being eaten by the working classes… hilarious!”

3: The Pope Must Die

“It’s a firm family favorite, because of the title alone. After I’ve done the speech on Christmas Day, we all settle down for this hilarious fantasy. If only, eh?”

4: The Queen

“It’s all about a terrible time in one’s life when one was played by that dreadful West End bohemian, Helen Mirren. Because I didn’t shoot a stag, it means I’m really a decent person and everybody loves one.”

5: Lolita

“I never used to see what my middle son Andrew, saw in the film, but I’ve caught him watching it countless times. It must be very funny, because he always has sweat running down his big red face whenever one walks in on him watching it.”

So gawd bless her, cor blimey, watcher guv.


HOLLYWOOD – First image of Olivia Coleman in the role of Queen Elizabeth II has hit the internet and the resemblance is spooky.

Season Three of The Crown sees Olivia Coleman take over from Claire Foy in the depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. The first image to hit the nets is scarily similar. Olivia Coleman said that the chance to play Europe’s oldest reigning monarch was a great honor.

As a British actor, I’ve been watching Queen Elizabeth all my life so you could say I’ve been preparing for the role all my life. That said you never feel properly ready to play someone so important. All I can do is reach inside of me and find the truth there. Hopefully. As for whether the Queen herself will approve… I’m not even sure she watches.

The image shows Olivia on a horse in military uniform, inspecting the trooping of the color, an old tradition that takes place in England in July just before the annual poor people cull.

I’ve never sat on a horse before, but the director was very kind. He had one frozen in liquid oxygen. That way I could sit on it without it moving and it was the right height.

The Netflix series features music from Hans Zimmer and is written by Peter Morgan.

Netflix will release The Crown Season 3 when they want to and not before.


HOLLYWOOD – Who knows who Helen Mirren actually is? No one that’s who.

Here comes another storm of fact blizzards, freezing the wavering of doubt and making snowmen of the falsehood and gossip buckets of Hollywood. Dame Helen Mirren, fact off!

  1. While making the revolutionary film O Lucky Man with Malcolm McDowell, Dame Mirren accidentally hit her leading man so hard in the testicles one of them popped into his head and he has had to use it as an eye ever since.  
  2. Dame Mirren openly criticised the Tinto Brass film Caligula because it wasn’t sexy or violent enough, even though many criticised it for the hardcore pornography and sadism in the film. ‘They’re all namby-pamby,’ said Dame Mirren. ‘What’s wrong with a bit of old murder and randy doings?’
  3. Helen Mirren’s real name is Helen Lydia Constantinople Mironoff. Her mother was English but her father was a famous Russian trapeze anarchist whose speciality was throwing bombs into the audience as he swung above their heads. His career came to the end when he decided that safety nets and trapezes were actually ideological constraints to artistic expression and plunged to his death on the next performance. 
  4. Despite her fame in the television drama Prime Suspect, Dame Helen Mirren has never been the Prime Suspect of a murder investigation, nor has she ever been party to the investigation of one. Her friends say she has never been a prime suspect because she is very good at choosing her victims and covering her tracks. Fellow murderer Charles Dance said that ‘Of all of us, Helen was the most brutally efficient murderer. She beat Hugh Grant into a cocked hat.’
  5. When playing the Queen in the film The Queen, Dame Helen Mirren insisted on meeting the Queen and walking behind her very very close, so that she was almost touching her, for an entire week. The Queen let it be known that she didn’t mind and even found Dame Helen Mirren’s proximity ‘strangely soothing.’
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LONDON – Actor and inexplicable heartthrob Tom Hiddleston was arrested today in Central London, accused of having killed a swan.

Mr. Hiddleston – made famous for his role as Loki in The Avengers and Thor – was apparently walking in Hyde Park with some friends. Upon spotting the swan, Mr. Hiddleston’s whole demeanour is said to have changed.

‘His eyes burned with a fiery intensity and a long string of drool dripped from the corner of his mouth,’ said a bizarrely articulate eyewitness. ‘Then he dashed straight into the pond and tore its head off with his bare hands.’

Accounts differ slightly in regard to the actual attack, as some say the actor bit the head off and one witness, a greens keeper, said the young actor kicked its head off.  ‘It went flying through the air, gore sprinkling and a look of surprise in its little black eyes,’ said Mr. Thunk.

As all swans in England belong to the Queen, Mr. Hiddleston could be in a great deal of trouble should the charges be proven against him.

‘The penalty for killing a swan on the books is death,’ said a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police. ‘It is one of the few remaining capital crimes left on the books, along with treason and setting fire to Her Majesty’s shipyards. Something she despises.’

Friends of Mr. Hiddleston have rallied round and decided en masse to go to the theater tonight to take their minds off the ghastly unpleasantness.


 WESTEROS – The paint is still fresh on the finale of Game of Thrones Season 4, but HBO are already giving us a glimpse of a new character for Game of Thrones Season 5: Queen Ilesibiff of Angerland to be played by Helen Mirren.



HOLLYWOOD – Legendary American actor Scott Baio is to star in a sequel to Helen Mirren’s Oscar winner The Queen. Charles in Charge is set in the near future and sees the onset of a succession crisis, as Prince Charles struggles with his own children, a vicious daughter-in-law and his own unpopularity following the abdication of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. 

Chachi said: 

I’m delighted finally to get a role that will stretch me. I mean, it’s no secret that the phone has stopped ringing and if it wasn’t for the wonderful though sporadic work I pick up on the cruise ships things could really have gone hard for me. 

A former Happy Days alumnus is also in action behind the camera, as Ron Howard has replaced Stephen Frears where he’ll be shouting ‘action’ and ‘cut’ in his own inimitable way. 

I’m fascinated by the British monarchy as I think all Americans are. And yet there is a moment of great uncertainty approaching. Elizabeth the second has been on the throne now for decades and most young people have never known another ruling monarch. So the future is laden with some real possibilities and as we know from Shakespeare, power struggles of this kind can be fascinating.

Scott Baio continues:

When I first met with Ron to talk about the script, he told me there were two reasons he wanted me. Number one, he believed I had never truly got an opportunity to show the world what a great actor I was. And number two, he thought the joke with the name of an old show I was in and the idea of playing with that was irresistible.

Of the two reasons he gave which one do you thing weighed heaviest?

I’d have to say the second one.

Charles in Charge will be released in 2016.


Danny Boyle – director of such an eclectic range of films as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Sunshine, 28 Days Later and A Life Less Ordinary – is chopping bananas, kiwis, apples, crushing cranberries and dropping them all into a blender. ‘I’m making you one of my famous smoothies,’ he says, scratching himself with a free hand. ‘You have one of these and you can run a mile, chum!’

Once it’s done I taste it and say it’s very nice. Danny runs around the kitchen, punching the air in a victory dance. ‘I’m simply the best,’ he sings at the top of his little lungs.

So Danny what’s all this about Trainspotting 2?

I’m done thinking up new shit. I’m all out of ideas. Think about it. I’ve worked in every genre: science fiction with Sunshine, horror with 28 Days Later, straight drama, Bollywood. I’ve even worked in the shit Cameron Diaz film genre with A Life Less Ordinary. Well, that’s it I can’t do it any more. From now on, I’m just making sequels. Do you want some more?

Yes please. So what do you have planned?

After Trainspotting 2, I’m going to do Sunshine 2, Slumdog Billionaire and 254 Hours. Then I’m going to direct the Olympics 2.

But the Olympics will be in …

Yeah, whatever. I haven’t thought that far ahead. There you go. I put a little of my secret stuff in there. What people don’t understand about the Olympics is I really wanted the Queen to be in it, I mean the actual Queen, but they just gave me some hammy old stand in, not even my second choice Helen Mirren. 

No, that was the actual Queen. 

 Bloody Nora. I made a pass at her. 

What are your plans for Trainspotting?

Ewan MacGregor has given me a lot of input, but he’s a catholic priest now (for more on that story CLICK HERE) so he’s asking we clean it up a lot and cast younger male leads. Other than that I have pressure from Irvine Welsh that he be given a larger acting role. And the Americans want the characters to go to the States. Some have suggested that our heroes accidentally buy a zoo, rather than use heroin. As long as we’re true to the spirit of the original, I’ll do anything.

Abruptly, I need to get to the bathroom and when I emerge Danny is gone and I have lost two stone.

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