HOLLYWOOD – Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech was plagiarized from the new entry into the Purge franchise – The Purge: Election Year, it has been revealed.

Donald Trump quoted swathes of the film’s script verbatim, including many deleted scenes from the forthcoming DVD release. Film makers also accused Donald Trump of living in what many call the universe of The Purge films. In the films, the New Founding Fathers have hit upon the idea of having an annual purge – one night in which everything is legal and all crime permitted – as a way of unleashing our pent up rage and lowering the crime figures over all.

One observer told the New York Times:

I was watching The Purge: Election Year illegally on my lap top and had the television tuned to the convention and the two were in perfect synch. He even did some of the sound effects.

Violence and horror rule for one day and listening to Donald Trump it sounded very much like America was living in the Purge 24/7. Violence, homicide, terrorism, bridges falling down, roads falling apart, the world coming to piece, illegal immigrants, foreign ideologies and corrupt politicians were all held up to the light by Baron Harkonnen.

As if any further condemnation was required, Kirstie Alley endorsed Donald Trump.

The Purge: Election Year Virtual Reality edition is currently playing.


LONDON – Following the success of the Brexit campaign, The United Kingdom Independence Party is proposing a new referendum to introduce the Purge as an annual measure.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (or UKIP) has announced a new referendum to introduce the Purge. Party leader Nigel Farage spoke exclusively to the Studio Exec:

I saw the film The Purge and I said, ‘where’s my pad and pen? These are some good ideas.’ The idea would be for all the good people, the ordinary people, to be able to get rid of all the people who aren’t good or ordinary. You know the experts and thinkers and the immigrants and refugees and all that. You see why do people come to Britain now? Why do we have all these refugees? Because they’re fleeing violence and terror. So if we have a bit of violence and terror in Britain as well, then perhaps they’ll think twice.

But that’s a terrible idea. The film is supposed to be a dystopia.

And that’s exactly what we want in the United Kingdom now that we’re free of the vile Brussels dominance. More dystopia and less liberal whining.

But no one will vote for this. It’s against their own interests. Nigel stop laughing this is serious.

I know, I know. It’s just that’s what everyone said the last time. It’s not like we’ll be telling them the truth.

The Purge Election Day will be released later this year.


HOLLYWOOD – Filmed over seventeen years, Richard Linklater’s new film Bathroom, starring Ethan Hawke, is a life-affirming portrait of a man as seen by his bathroom mirror.

The Purge star spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the long drawn out and arduous process of making the film and the hardships he had to endure:

It was really easy. All I had to do was let Richard put a one way mirror in my bathroom and every couple of weeks he’d come round and change the memory card. He had the camera hooked up to a motion detector and so it would only film when I went to the bathroom.

What was… the point?

Most of us go to the bathroom at least a couple of times a day. Maybe a lot more in certain cases. We go there to brush our teeth, urinate, defecate, shower, check our hair in the mirror, clip our toenails or nasal hair, and bathe. Some of us even masturbate in there. And yet movies almost totally ignore the bathroom. I mean, unless it’s Psycho or some shower sex in Breathless, then we really don’t see this part of our lives.  It is criminally underrepresented.


Let me tell you, you can go a hundred years without having sex and nothing will happen, but try going two weeks without having a shit.

I see.

Richard Linklater is committed to a cinema which includes all aspects of life and so am I. Including the toilet.

So do we get to see…?

You see everything. The good times, the hard times, when my marriage is on the rocks or when I’ve not been getting enough roughage. You see it all. And in the European cut of the film you’ll even get to see the bidet.

Bathroom will be released in 2015.


THE PURGE: REVIEW — Some time in the near future, life is almost perfect. Horror movies are intelligent, well-crafted and original, featuring complex believable well drawn characters in the grip of terrifying situations through no fault of their own and giving audiences cathartic thrills.
But this situation is only maintained because of the dubious and slightly incredible innovation that every year a really terrible cliched horror movie with dumb ass idiotic moron characters do dumb ass stupid things as a way of freeing society from the cliches that used to plague it. That movie is The Purge.
It stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey and is by the guy who wrote The Negotiator. Next year, there will be a Purge 2.