HOLLYWOOD – Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech was plagiarized from the new entry into the Purge franchise – The Purge: Election Year, it has been revealed.

Donald Trump quoted swathes of the film’s script verbatim, including many deleted scenes from the forthcoming DVD release. Film makers also accused Donald Trump of living in what many call the universe of The Purge films. In the films, the New Founding Fathers have hit upon the idea of having an annual purge – one night in which everything is legal and all crime permitted – as a way of unleashing our pent up rage and lowering the crime figures over all.

One observer told the New York Times:

I was watching The Purge: Election Year illegally on my lap top and had the television tuned to the convention and the two were in perfect synch. He even did some of the sound effects.

Violence and horror rule for one day and listening to Donald Trump it sounded very much like America was living in the Purge 24/7. Violence, homicide, terrorism, bridges falling down, roads falling apart, the world coming to piece, illegal immigrants, foreign ideologies and corrupt politicians were all held up to the light by Baron Harkonnen.

As if any further condemnation was required, Kirstie Alley endorsed Donald Trump.

The Purge: Election Year Virtual Reality edition is currently playing.