NEW YORK – Education boards up and down the country are implementing a new praxis whereby children’s artwork (ages 5-11)  will be routinely checked for evidence of demonic possession, potential psychopaths and ghostly mothers.

The idea was pioneered in California where Dr. Robert Buick published a paper entitled: ‘What Potato Paint Tells Us’.

He spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’m a huge horror movie fan and so I’ve watched like a ton: Insidious, The Orphan, The Shining, a ton. And it occurred to me when there’s a haunted house, a possession, demons around or some other ‘paranormal activity’ going on, one of the first indications is the drawings of an elementary school child. Often a teacher or family member will flip through a series of generically normal pictures of houses with  sunshine, rainbow and children playing with the family, only to stop at one painting which is black and red, very jagged and features horrifically imagined demons with daggers for fingers.

Danger signs will include

  • dark/Gothic color palette
  • scenes of gory violence which possibly anticipate a future event
  • facelessness
  • writing in Latin

However, some critics say that the whole initiative has no basis in reality. Felicity Parameters of the Parents Organisation In Touch said, ‘Dr. Buick’s theories have no scientific basis and are frankly ill advised. Many children enjoy drawing something violent and dark and these children are now going to be sent to the Vatican for mandatory exorcism which is heavy handed to say the least.’

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