HOLLYWOOD – Five Terry Gilliam fans were rushed to hospital last night with injuries sustained while straining to like his latest film The Zero Theorem, starring Christoph Waltz.

Doctors said their condition was stable but it is the only latest in a spate of incidents involving fans of the ex-Python’s work as his latest film once more fails to be anything other than ho-hum.

Despite having made some of the weirdest and most interesting cinema of the 80s-90s, the Brazil director has hit a bit of rut of late. Starring Johnny Depp, The Man who Killed Don Quixote fell through after flash floods and terminal illness attacked the crew and cast. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was fatally wounded by the premature death of star Heath Ledger and though the intent to slog on was admirably obstinate, the result was less than satisfying. Tideland was a minor curiosity and The Brothers Grimm was caked cack.
Medical authorities have warned that the best way of coping is to radically lower expectations prior to viewing. Dr. Sepious Brown said:

Try to take into account that the studios are never going to give Terry the money he needs to really bring his visions to life. Add to this that his ability to tell a story seems to have got lost along the way. So anyone planning on seeing The Zero Theorem should perhaps prepare for it by watching some of Terry’s most recent films.

The Zero Theorem is currently in theatres. Please approach with caution.