HOLLYWOOD – Following the huge success of the Human Centipede series and the successful crossover of the Entourage TV show to the big screen, it was only a matter of time before The Entourage Centipede was announced.

The Entourage Centipede will feature Hollywood star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his coterie of hangers on and pals being sewn together with agent Ari (Jeremy Piven) getting pride of place at the front and the hilariously apt Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) eating recycled food somewhere in the middle.

Director and writer Tom Six spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’ve done the mad scientist bit, then I did the grungy voyeur and then I did the prison in the latest Human Centipede, but I’ve always had this idea that The Human Centipede was actually a metaphor for Hollywood. And when I saw the Entourage movie, I couldn’t help but think this isn’t just shit, this is shit someone else has eaten and is being shat into my mouth from their anus! Which is basically the script for the new movie.

How did you get everyone on board?

Well, I spoke to Doug Ellin and I explained my concept to him and how I thought it would fit in with his story and his characters. Basically the idea is Vincent gets the role in a new horror movie, only to find out the crazy European director is actually doing things for real. At first he was skeptical, but this slow smile spread across his face as the MDA I put in his drink took effect and before I knew it we had a deal. He said he already had a script for Entourage 2, but with the addition of just a couple of my scenes, it would work perfectly.

The Entourage Centipede will be released in 2016.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


BELGIUM – Tom Six’s The Human Centipede follows in the footsteps of Billy Elliot and Spider-man to become the latest movie to be transformed into a big Broadway musical. 

With Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence in cinemas at the moment the popularity of the digestive horror franchise has never been higher and some analysts are surprised only that it hasn’t made the move earlier. Theater critic Xavier Poulis said:

Human Centipede is an absolutely obvious choice for Broadway adaptation. It has physical movement, a strong central idea and it is genuinely moving. The team assembled are top class and I can see Human Centipede challenging the likes of Les Miserables for longevity.

Tim Rice has already written the book and Andrew Lloyd Webber is busy putting the finishing touches to what he calls ‘the sickest shit I’ve ever done.’

The first songs have leaked (never was the word more appropriate) onto the internet, with such promising titles as ‘He’s got the Whole World in his Glands’ and ‘You’ll find an End in Me’. James Purefoy will take the role of the mad scientist whose anatomical experiment has terrible consequences for Andrew Garfield, Rachel McAdams and Carey Mulligan.

An overexcited Tim Rice said:

We’ve missed in some classics, like Scott Walker’s ‘Get Behind Me’ and the evergreen favorite ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, with some of our original songs like ‘Arse horizon’ and the fantastic post-operation ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ which we’ve changed to ‘Smm mmmml mmw ooo’ because it’s sung by the one in the middle.

The Human Centipede Sings! is due to open early in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – The latest installment in the Home Alone saga – Home Alone 5 – will not be funny, star Macaulay Culkin confessed.

The former child star told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that the film will be to some extent autobiographical:

With John [Hughes, the original writer] dead, the creative controls fell entirely to me. I don’t have John’s comic vision. I’m afraid I see things in a more bleak light and that informed my choices when I wrote the script.

So what happens?

Well, Kevin is now a grown man. He’s been damaged by what a number of psychiatrists have diagnosed as abandonment issues. He lives on his own so that he’s essentially Home Alone all year round. For Christmas his family decide to stage an intervention to try and wrestle Kevin away from his own demons. Unfortunately, Kevin has taken some bad mushrooms and thinks that his parents and brothers and sisters are the reincarnations of the burglars who plagued him in the original films.

And you wrote the script?

Yes. Chris Columbus unfortunately was unavailable to direct so I turned to my good friend Tom Six, who is most famous for directing the Human Centipede. He’ll be doing it right after he finishes on The Human Centipede Musical.

And why Home Alone 5? You were only in two Home Alone movies?

Ideally it would be called Home Alone 3, but the producers did make two other films and so for legal issues we chose this title. There were also a couple of unnumbered films but we chose to ignore them as they are definitely not canon, even though they belong to the ‘Home Alone Universe’.

Home Alone 5: Shut In will be released in 2015.