HOLLYWOOD – Shocking news today that actor Denzel Washington actually lives in Los Angeles.

Magnificent Seven and Equalizer star Denzel Washington lives in Los Angeles and not Washington as previously believed. A fan told the Studio Exec

I feel betrayed. I mean, his name says Washington. What is it with these movie stars?

Daughter Kerry Washington appeared so shocked by the revelations that she even denied that Fences star Denzel was her father.

‘We’re no relation,’ she said. ‘It’s quite a common surname.’

 The Equalizer 2 is in production.


HOLLYWOOD – Gerard Butler is to film London Has Fallen sequel, following Donald Trump election victory.

London Has Fallen – the sequel to the bafflingly popular Olympus Has Fallen – was a huge hit and has prompted producers to go ahead with plans to make a third film and thus complete the Has Fallen trilogy. Babak Najafi takes over directing duties from Antoine Fuqua who bowed out with the excuse that the script was weak, something that didn’t seem to bother Antoine about Southpaw, or The Equalizer, or Brooklyn’s Finest.

Gerard Butler crashed through the plate glass skylight of the Studio Exec bungalow to dish the dirt on the closing film of his ‘Has Fallen’ trilogy.

We are talking escalation. First of all, it was the White House that was under attack. Basically a building. Then we wanted to go bigger and better so we went for London Has Fallen. An entire city under terrorist attack. And now the new film will be The Earth Has Fallen. And I think anyone watching the news will know what we mean.

Science Fiction?

Science Fact! Terrorists are taking over space and are going to target the President of the United States Aaron Eckhart by blowing up the planet Earth and only his loyal secret service bodyguard Mike Banning can save the day.


Exactly. Morgan Freeman had the idea because he was in Deep Impact and he reckoned he could use some of the same lines. There are gonna be so many explosions but then I save the President of the United States.

And the world?

Oh no, the world’s fucked. It blows up. But I save the President and the Vice President and we live on the Moon. Antoine Fuqua is going to direct it. He likes the script.

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HOLLYWOOD – Denzel Washington teams up with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua for a remake of a popular TV series The Equalizer.

The original starred Edward Woodward (why does Edward Woodward have four Ds in his name? Because otherwise he’d be called Ewar Woo War) as a geriatric Charles Bronson for hire. But in the new remake Denzel Washington will play Robert McCall, who in an attempt to salve his covert ops stained conscience puts an advert in the paper: ‘Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer’. 

Could it be actually good? These are the kind of premises that Washington carries off with aplomb when avoiding the effort of properly acting in something. The director brings to the table Olympus Has Fallen and King ArthurAnd the writer is Richard Wenk, whose CV includes The Expendables. This comes as a surprise. I didn’t think those things were so much written as workshopped with the NRA. So this isn’t Pirandello exactly. 

The Equalizer is due out in May 2014.