HOLLYWOOD – James Franco announces new film: Richard Gere and the Gerbil.

Following the moderate success of The Disaster Artist, Hollywood chronicler and self-proclaimed Renaissance Man James Franco turns his attention to one of the most resilient myths of Tinsel Town: Richard Gere and the Gerbil. We talked to the Spider-Man 2 star about his new project and this is what he said:

All aspects of the business interest me. And having recently been on the receiving end of the gossip, I suddenly became interested in the way stories get spread and are attached to people. Even when they are demonstrably false.

Wait. Richard Gere didn’t stuff a gerbil up his asshole?

No. That’s the point. Not only did Richard Gere not do it. There are zero reports of anyone in the Los Angeles area ever having to get a rodent removed from the lower colon.

But Sylvester Stallone told me that…

That’s how these things start. And it’s always Stallone.

That motherfucker!

I know. He spread this story around the time of Pretty Woman, that Gere had been at a wild party and they’d run this gerbil up a tune into his ass and it had got stuck. Apparently, he had to go to Sinai to have it removed. But it’s all nonsense.

So your film will debunk this whole thing, right?

No, we’re going to take the idea. What if it really did happen? And we’re going to dramatize that!

But wait! Won’t that just stoke the story?

Yeah, and yet who wants to see a movie where Richard Gere doesn’t get a gerbil shoved up his ass.

Not me. 

There you go.

Richard Gere and the Gerbil is out in 2020.



HOLLYWOOD – The star, writer and director of The Room Tommy Wiseau is to play James Franco in a new film about the actor called simply: Asshole.

First James Franco made The Disaster Artist about Tommy Wiseau and now Tommy Wiseau is making his own film about the life of James Franco. Asshole will be the storythe rise of the writer, director and actor James Franco, from his humble beginnings on Freaks and Geeks to his triumph in Spider-Man 2.

Tommy spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the project:

I like James. I say James, you’re my best friend. We make movie together and everything. But he steal my life. He act like me. Not just like me. He is me. And I say ha ha! That’s okay. But inside I get mad as hell. That’s what we’re all like in New Orleans. We get angry but we hide it. It’s a famous thing. You know.

Go on.

The last straw was the Golden Globes. He win big prize and he is playing me. So I go up and I try to talk into mic and he push me away, he say like no way Tommy. Or something like that. I don’t know. So I say afterwards, it’s okay James. I make movie about you. And him and Seth Rogen and Dave Franco his incredibly young looking father, they’re like ha ha, very funny. Big joke. And I’m thinking yeah it’s just a joke. But deep down under that thought there’s another thought and that thought is I’m going make movie.


What the f…

No, that’s the title of your movie.

Oh yeah. Asshole. Ha ha. It’s a big joke. But it isn’t because he really is an asshole. And everyone will see.

Asshole will be released in 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – James Franco has admitted to burying Tommy Wiseau in an unmarked grave.

Following his best actor victory at the Golden Globes, James Franco took the inspiration for The Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau to an undisclosed location and buried him in an unmarked grave. It is unclear whether Wiseau was alive when he was buried. Franco spoke to journalists at an after party and brushing the desert sand from his trousers, defended his actions:

Tommy directed one of the worst films ever made. The Room. But he soon became the inspiration for a wonderful film and performance by me. James Franco. And his brother David Franco and Seth Rogan and you know the rest. So Tommy has more than served his purpose. It became clear however that Tommy is not content with serving as my inspiration and now he actually wants to speak to people and I just couldn’t let that happen.

But why kill him?

I didn’t say I killed him. No one said I killed him. did you hear me say I killed him?


Okay then.

But you buried him.

I did. I buried him in an unmarked grave so you’ll never find him.

So he’ll be dead. 

It’s possible.

What’s your next film going to be?

I want to make a film about Jim Carrey making the documentary Jim and Andy about Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman in Man in the Moon.

James and Jim and Andy will be released in 2019.