HOLLYWOOD – Eighties band Kajagoogoo have denied they will be playing President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to sources.

With their hits Too Shy and Hang on Now, Kajagoogoo ruled 1983 and part of 1984 like some very time specific version of the Beatles. Following Llimahl’s solo career and NeverEnding Story, the band broke up. However, a spokesperson for Donald Trump insisted that they were booked to play Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. A source close to the band however told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that they wouldn’t be playing:

We got the phone call and we were really surprised. We said no, primarily because I’ve forgotten how to play guitar it was so long ago. The man on the other end didn’t seem too concerned. He said they were going to try Ultravox next.  He seemed to be going down a list. I don’t think we were close to the top.

Meanwhile, Ted Nugent has already booked his hotel room.

The inauguration will take place on 20 January 2017.