HOLLYWOOD – First we hear The X-Files is coming back and now David Duchovny has revealed that popular nineties erotic anthology show The Red Shoe Diaries are also coming back.

Of course everyone is excited about the return of Twin Peaks and some even more so about the imminent revisiting by Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) in “The X-Files”, but for some of us David Duchovny will always be the gate keeper to television erotica that was “The Red Shoe Diaries”. Running throughout the 90s and directed by Zalman King and Raphael Eisenman, the anthology show featured Duchovny in the role of Jack Winters, a man whose lover has committed suicide and who asks women to write in letters describing their knocking off experiences in a quest to understand the mystery that is woman.

The Californication star dropped by the Studio Exec hot tub to talk EXCLUSIVELY about what had got the creative juices flowing once more:

You know how it is, you get to a stage in your career and you simply don’t want new challenges. You want to go back to the old challenges and see if you can do them over and better. I was in Aquarius and that was quite good and Californication, but really I wanted to get back to the X-Files and once I was doing that I thought why don’t we do Jack Winters again. I’m really curious to find out, where is Jack today and what, in the age of internet pornography, is he doing with himself.

And what’s the answer?

He’s been spending a lot of time in his room and he’s lost weight! No, I’m only kidding you. The fact of the matter is the more we  allow a free run of our desires – 5 Shades of Grey etc. – the more mysterious the become and the more alienated we become from them. It’s the paradox of our time that we have all these freedoms and what do we fantasize about? Being tied up and told what to do. It’s as if capitalism had a direct through line to our id.

What everybody loved about the original – apart from the cinematography and music – were the high end cameos. Who have you got lined up for the new show?

Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis…


…are just a few of the actresses who have turned us down. But I’m hoping to pull some strings and maybe we can persuade Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid to make an appearance. Steve Buscemi is definitely in for the pilot. Which ironically is going to be about a pilot! Ha!

The Red Show Diaries will be broadcast early next year.


HOLLYWOOD – Exclusive promo of Sharknado 3 featuring Ann Coulter has hit the internets this morning.

The Sharknado 3 poster is an obvious pastiche to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and also hints that Ann Coulter’s role might be to play one of the sharks. This effectively halts speculation that Coulter was due to play a politician, or media pundit as first reported. The other guess was that she would play the wind that causes the Sharknado also looks unlikely.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is also due to guest star in the SyFy extravaganza which has been delayed due to union troubles. Director Anthony C. Ferrente also confirmed that stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will also be returning in the roles of April and Finn.

I tihnk people are going to be surprised at the direction we’re taking Sharknado. People have got used to it being a kind of ‘not funny enough’ comedy, with shitty cheap special effects and poor acting by actors who are poor. But we’re hoping to take this in a more politically relevant and serious direction. The presence of Ann Coulter as a political commentator shows how seriously we ought to be taken now.

There were reports that Terrence Malick was due to direct the latest installment but Ferente dismissed them:

We were in talks early on, but then I saw an early cut of Knight of Cups and I’m sorry but he blew it. Sharknado is a franchise which has certain requirements and I’m afraid Mr. Malick does not meet them.

Sharknado 3 will be broadcast in July.  

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor