SUNDANCE REVIEW – Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortenssen star in Eating Bacon with Malcolm.

Eating Bacon with Malcolm tells the story of a young boy – newcomer Jake Seed – who on the death of his father, temporarily loses the urge to eat bacon. His mother has buried herself in work to avoid grief and the neglected kid needs also to contend with a new city, where mother and son have moved to. In flashback, Malcolm’s relationship to his inspirational father is seen through a series of breakfasts the two ate together, while Naomi Watts the mother, is buried in work.

A bittersweet comedy, the occasionally flimsy conceit is more than held up by some exceptional performance – particularly from newcomer Seed. The only blot is Mortensen who spends the whole film randomly using insulting racial epithets. He seems to be trying to prove a point. The ever reliable Watts is amazing as the mother who has thrown herself into her work and slowly discovers that she is losing her son. But Seed is the revelation. It’s almost as if Jess Plemons ate Timothée Chalamet and then shit him out as a young Paul Newman. The final scene – where SPOILER Malcolm eats bacon – had the audience in tears. Music by the one guy from Radiohead who hasn’t done a score yet was acoustic guitary.

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SUNDANCE – We would like to correct an interview with Kristen Stewart published in Studio Exec today which has since been taken down.

In the interview, Kristen Stewart, who is in Sundance to promote her new film with Kelly Reichardt Certain Women, made some comments which were erroneously transcribed and then published.

In the interview Ms. Stewart said:

I really enjoyed working with Kelly. I think she’s a very strong woman and in the film-making scene today we need more women like Kelly standing up and making vital and challenging cinema, not just because they’re women, but because they’re movies are original and rock.

This was unfortunately mis-transcribed and reported as saying:

I really enjoy watching old Nazi propaganda films. I love Hitler. He was the best. That little mustache? I mean, yeah I’d hit that. What we really need now is a new Hitler. I mean I could do it, but I’m busy.

And while responding to a question about beef jerky, her answer was correctly reported as ‘Yuk, I don’t like that at all’, the question was unfortunately mis-written as ‘So the Jews?’

We offer our sincere apologies to Kristen Stewart and wish her all the luck in the world with her new movie Triumph of Certain Women.


UTAH – Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival – the forum for American Independent Cinema – has tragically been buried under a massive avalanche.

The avalanche began at two o’clock this afternoon in Park city after a showing of the new Jesse Plemons film Other People. The applause was not necessarily a factor, a spokesperson for the police said, ‘but it can’t have helped.’

What you have to understand that up here in the mountains, in January, there is an awful lot of snow and what with people enthusing about the latest Barack Obama – Michele Obama film, or that new film by the guy who did Broken Circle Breakdown, the queuing and the general chatter, something is going to give at some point. It isn’t like it is necessarily someone’s fault but it usually is.

Over 15 thousand people are thought to be buried in the snow and many film critics and film makers who for some reason were unable to go to Sundance have said things like ‘Oh well’ and ‘I hope they’re all okay’, while barely disguising delighted smiles.

Late news came in that a large group of directors, execs and critics have survived the avalanche in some strange air bubble/ice cathedral. Led by Werner Herzog, they have immediately sprung into action and started filming a whimsical documentary about their imminent deaths.

Sundance will continue until next week.