HOLLYWOOD – The new Tom Hardy TV show Taboo is loosely inspired by the parlor game Taboo, which people play at parties that everyone wants to leave.

Tom Hardy Spoke to The Studio Exec today about his new TV show Taboo which he says is loosely inspired by the game Taboo.

Me and my old dad were sitting round one day wondering what we could do with a TV show. Steven Knight was there as well. And we got bored so we started paying a game of Taboo. We were having ourselves a right old laugh when my old fellow said, ‘Here’s an idea Thomas! Why don’t you do a TV show about this?’ What, a card game? And he said yes. I went to the khasi and when I came back Steven had treatment ready for me. One Skype call later and we had the BBC on board.

That’s amazing. So the show will be about a bunch of people guessing a word but not able to use obvious clues that are proscribed by the card?

That was the initial idea yes. But the BBC, being the BBC, had some notes.

I see. What like?

Well, they said instead of it being me, Steven and my dad playing this guessing game, it should be me coming back from Africa to take over my father’s shipping Empire.

Taboo will be broadcast on the BBC sometime this year.