HOLLYWOOD – Movie rights of Michael Wolff’s bestselling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House have been sold to Judd Apatow.

Judd Apatow today confirmed that he has bought the rights to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The book has topped best seller lists all over and has rocked the political world. Apatow spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the movie version:

It was a no-brainer that this was going to be a great film. Aside from the palace intrigue and the thousands of great moments that are packed into Michael’s book, it is also a flat out comedy. It turns out that we can do a gross out comedy in the style of Dirty Grandpa and it still be the most politically astute portrait of our times.

Who will play the role of Donald Trump?

Again a no-brainer! Alec Baldwin has essentially been auditioning for this movie, even before the movie existed. Other roles are going to be more challenging to fill. We don’t necessarily want to go completely Saturday Night Live. After all, this is also supposed to be a realistic account of what happens inside the corridors of power and we need to make that credible.

So who’ve you got?

We want the guy whose head melts in Raiders of the Lost Ark to play Stephen Miller and for KellyAnne Conway we’re looking for the Jim Henson workshop to give us something. We were modelling it on a Fraggle. Steve Bannon is a major character – Mel Gibson is a little old, but for sheer insanity James Woods would be perfect. Jared Kushner and Ivanka are going to be played by Sasha Baron Cohen in one of those half and half costumes, so that viewed in one profile he’ll be Jared and then he’ll turn around and he’ll be Ivanka.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Russell Crowe is to play Steve Bannon in Single White Douche.

Gladiator star Russell Crowe plays former Breitbart editor in a new Michael Mann film, Single White Douche. Mann told the Studio Exec:

It was easy really. Steve’s a douche and Russell certainly has his inner douche. It’s going to be a comedy. We’re shooting in Moscow and Washington. It’s very exciting.

Russell Crowe has already begun preparations, eating a diet consisting only of KFC buckets. Not the chicken, just the buckets. Crowe told us:

I’m reading a lot of his writing as well as his influences. Ayn Rand, Neitszche, Mein Kampf. Steve is a fascinatingly complex guy. Sean Penn introduced us once. But I’m happy to say I was so drunk I don’t remember much. I’ve worked with Michael before with The Insider, so I know that his instincts are sound. He described the film to me as an Adam Sandler comedy, if Adam Sandler comedies were actually funny.

Single White Douche will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Matthew McConaughey believes we should all have sex with Donald Trump.

True Detective star Matthew McConaughey wants everyone in America to make themselves available to have sex with President Trump.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, McConaughey had this to say:

Think about it. Like it or not, he’s our president now. Sure they’re lots of things that he might do which could precipitate us into World War 3, or help crash the economy. But we know he has a weakness which is sex. What if we all had sex with us. Hell, he wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone push the big red button.  I think it is our duty as citizens to sate President Trump’s lurid appetite. And in the process wear him out.

But what about Steve Bannon.

I’ve just been sick in my own mouth, Exec. That is not alright, alright, alright.

Gold is in theaters.


WASHINGTON – President Trump adds Vladimir Harkonnen to the National Security Council.

President Trump signed a memorandum late Saturday afternoon that reorganizes the National Security Council (NSC), including Vladimir Harkonnen, the former Siridar of Giedi Prime and his chief strategist and senior counselor, as well as Feyd-Rautha, his chief of staff, on its principals committee. The decision is unusual because such positions are not normally given to political operatives. Harkonnen, along with his relative the Beast, has been among the most controversial of Trump’s advisors, because of his association with the Spice trade.

The order also said the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff would no longer be automatic principals on the committee. Trump said the reorganization is meant to streamline the NSC. He said it would bring “a lot of efficiency and, I think, a lot of additional safety,” The Washington Post reported.

“People have talked about doing this for a long time. Like, many years.”

The memorandum read that “Baron Harkonnen has a great deal of experience in this kind of thing and has the prettiest first name.”

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States of America.