HOLLYWOOD – Jimmy Fallon told Chapeau magazine that ‘I’m not really that interested in comedy’.

The host of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon in an interview with Luigi Gris from Chapeau Magazine stated that: ‘He was not really that interested in comedy.’

‘I’m just not that into making people laugh,’ Fallon, 43, said.

It’s just not what I do. I think it’d be weird for me to start doing it now. I don’t really even, you know, care that much about comedy — I’ve got to be honest. Money: I love money more than I love comedy. I’m just not that brain, you know?

Fallon went on to praise the other late night hosts.

I think the other guys are doing it very well. Colbert’s doing great — I mean, that’s what he’s good at. He’s great. He’s always into like, political comedy. I think when it’s organic, I’ve sometimes tried telling a joke and it just has never gone down that well. Parody is about as good  as it gets. And not even parody. Just where we dress up like the thing we’re spoofing and people laugh because I look like Bryan Cranston or something. It’s more Cosplay than comedy to be honest.

Jimmy Fallon will appear in History’s Greatest Monsters on Discovery in 2020.


NEW YORK – Popular comedian and actor Louis CK launches breakfast cereal.

Louis CK has a new stand-up special on Netflix and a nutritious breakfast cereal: Louis CK Flakes. The occasionally shocking comedian spoke to Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about his new line in breakfast foods.

I’ve always been interested in breakfast cereal ever since I was head writer on the Dana Carver Show. That didn’t last long. We actually got cancelled after seven episodes. We made eight but they only showed seven. What are you going to do? But it was then that I had already been bitten by the breakfast cereal bug. Me and Steve Carrell would talk about our favorite cereals all the time. I remember he really liked corn flakes and I did too. So we bonded.

So tell us about Louis CK Flakes.

They’re essentially like cornflakes. I mean store brand cornflakes. And we just put my face on the box. But they’re delicious. I went around the whole country eating cereal and I think I found the best for quality price ratio.

So what’s next?

A milk-based beverage. Something you drink hot. With just milk. We’re calling it Louis CK Hot Milk.

How does this relate to the comedy?

No connection whatsoever. It’s more like Horace and Pete.

Louis CK special is on Netflix.


HOLLYWOOD – Famed comedian and reality TV show personality, Donald Trump might consider one day running for office, it was revealed today.

The news comes as Donald Trump prepares for his guest host spot on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

A spokeswoman close to the Trump camp said:

Mr. Trump is a hilarious and highly articulate comedian who has been Andy Kaufman style situational comedy for the past twenty years or so. He is so committed to his comic art that he never breaks character. It is really unbelievable. The boorish, racist, sexist, stupid oaf that he hilariously holds up for lampooning and ridicule, he lives with that character 24/7. However, he is thinking about possibly running for political office so that he can perhaps more effectively criticize the right. He fears that his own practical joking of the GOP, his punking if you will, is being widely misinterpreted.

Saturday Night Live show runner Lorne Michaels dismissed criticism that Trump was already a Presidential candidate.

If you can’t see that clearly for the joke it is then you don’t understand comedy. One day Trump will be seen as one of the greats. A Sacha Baron Cohen of interventionist comedy, a Lenny Bruce. But like Stephen Colbert, there comes a time when the character becomes too restrictive. In private life Donald is really progressive and I could see him running just little left of Bernie Sanders, or perhaps as an independent.

However, many of his political opponents insist that Trump is not a clever comic playing an incredibly realistic and detailed buffoon of a character, but rather is in fact exactly what he seems. But with his closest rival Ben Carson insisting that he (Carson) did stab someone to death, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find out where the comedy ends and the politics begins, if it ever does.

Saturday Night Live will be recorded on Friday.


HOLLYWOOD – Three major religious leaders Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Buddha are to join Stephen Colbert for his premier week of hosting The Late Show on CBS.

Stephen Colbert said he was delighted that his tenure replacing David Letterman as host of The Late Show would get off to such an auspicious start.

I myself am a Catholic and deeply religious so to be joined by Jesus Christ will be a highlight for me. But I’m also interested in hearing the points of view of Mohammad and Buddha, who we managed to book at the last minute because he had nothing on.

What questions are you looking to ask them?

Look, I’m essentially an entertainer. When I was ‘Colbert’, I had license to be very satirical, but as myself I think I can still be entertaining but also perhaps ask some more serious and respectful questions. Particularly with Mohammad. There’s going to be very little joshing there.

How do you feel about your friend Jon Stewart also leaving his post?

I know Jon very well and have done for years. So I know that he is someone who is always eager to find new challenges. I can see him coming up with something really special. A new film or something like that. Frankly, I don’t think his stint on Fox & Friends will last very long. I see that as a kind of mouthwash before he goes on to do something else he really wants to do.

What other guests do you want to have on your show?

The first week of interfaith amazingness is going to be hard to beat, buit what I’m really looking forward to is the moment when the show just becomes a routine thing with people coming on to plug things and shoot the breeze. That kind of familiarity. It really is an amazing privilege.

Since this article was written NBC reported that Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha have been bumped for George Clooney, Amy Schumer and Elon Musk.  



HOLLYWOOD – Following clashes with Russell Brand and Stephen Colbert, Fox anchor Sean Hannity today said that he finds nobody funny and so he’s going to do it himself in a new HBO comedy special Hannity Laughs at People who are Different from Us. The 52 year old conservative commentator spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I’ve tried watching comics and comedians but I don’t find any of them funny. They all strike me as a bunch of lame brained liberals who spend half their time warring against Christmas and the other half supporting terrorist organisations such as Hamas and the ACLU.  Stephen Colbert isn’t funny. He’s mildly funnier than Jon Stewart but Jon Stewart is only as funny as a child’s freshly dug grave by which I mean: not funny at all. Russell Brand is so not funny he goes all the way round starts to become funny again but then laps himself and lands in NOT FUNNY.

What about other comedians?

Who like?

Charlie Chaplin?

Immigrant, vagrant, communist, get a job.

Woody Allen?

Pervert, anti-Semite.

Monty Python?

Never heard of him.

Adam Sandler?

Now he is a funny guy. He’s funny. Yeah, Sandler is the man when it comes to comedy. You see some people look at my big Irish head and think I haven’t got a sense of humor, an iota of nuance or good humor because of all my rage and bigotry. But Adam Sandler films do make me laugh. So there you go I do have a sense of humor after all.

What is your own show going to be like?

It is a very basic stand up style that I’m going to adopt. Very pared down. Me and a stool. And then I’m going to give classic observational comedy. Like for instance, ‘have you ever noticed that Asians are bad drivers?’ Then people will laugh because it’s both funny and true. All my comedy is based on picking up on people who either through accident of birth, or sexuality, or life decisions, or hard luck are just not normal like me. If you’re a straight white Irish/American male I think you’ll find a lot to laugh at.

The HBO special Sean Hannity: Laughing at People Who Are Different from Us will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Hacktivists who started off the #CancelColbert campaign were today celebrating their victory in ousting ‘satirist’ and ‘self-confessed Nazi’ Stephen Colbert from his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.

A source close to Hacktivist Suey Park said:  

We all feel very vindicated that Stephen Colbert has been hounded from his top rated and award winning show. This is only the beginning. His career is now effectively other, but we have been going through his past broadcasts and I have to say there is evidence that he has multiple times said something of a dubious character, under the cover of ‘humor’.

But surely his hosting of The Late Show is a kind of promotion?

No, we don’t see it that way at all. The Late Show will be a terrible thing, a kind of punishment for Colbert. Because it’s on late. He’ll have to stay up late to do it and no one will watch it because it’s late. It’s in the name, genius. 

You’ve never seen The Late Show, have you?  

I don’t own an Ideological Brain Oppressor.

You mean a television.


And you don’t have a sense of humor?

Oh, you mean I don’t have the ability to parse irony from statement; that I don’t have the flippancy to laugh while 25 Billion people died in Africa somewhere this year? To giggle while wars continue in Vietnam and the Falkland Islands? No, I don’t. And I’m proud of it.

The Late Show will be cancelled sometime in 2015. 


HOLLYWOOD – Last night political commentator and Colbert Report presenter, Stephen Colbert finally gave in and admitted that he was a Nazi as has long been suspected.

In a statement issued via his agent Heinrich Stanz, Colbert said:

I am very relieved that I can finally come out of the shadows and say it. My thin disguise as an ironist can be dropped and I can proudly declare myself an adherent of the tenets of National Socialism as popularized by the late Adolf Hitler.

Cracks in the Colbert exterior began to appear earlier this week when a so called ‘ironic’ tweet called for an immediate ‘Helter Skelter Race War’ and the social media micro-blogging platform reacted with righteous indignation of the morally just. Producers at The Colbert Report attempted to play the incident down, but a photo of Mr. Colbert sporting a swastika tattoo and punching an immigrant was soon doing the rounds and it is this evidence which is thought to have caused the tired comedian to finally come clean

Whether or not I will be able to broadcast is still open to question. I would certainly like to especially now I can finally stop pretending that I like racial minorities, when I in fact hate them. If Comedy Central are comfortable with my new show concept Colbert Uber Alles I will be happy to talk to them otherwise I’ve had Fox phoning all morning.

All of the above was based on a Facebook link someone sent us and we haven’t checked it.